Dunia Handphone

handphone aLat komunikasi yg paLing simpLe....

Components Handphone

In a mobile device that is used a lot of components such as transistors, IC (Intergrated Circuit), Dioda, and so forth. To be able to understand the series of bekerjanya on the mobile device should be the nature of the components that are important. Components of the mobile device can be classified into two parts, namely internal and external components.

CDMA ( Code Devision Multiple Access )

CDMA is a third generation (3G), a technology that uses the spread spectrum technique. Unlike the GSM uses Time Division Multiplexing (TDM), CDMA does not provide a specific frequency on the individual user. Each channel uses the available spectrum in full. Conversations in the individual akan encode with the settings of a digital pseudo random.

GSM ( Global System for Mobile Telekomunikation )

GSM is the second generation after the AMPS, GSM was first issued in 1991 and began developing in 1993 with the adoption by some countries such as South Africa, Australia, Middle East, and North America. GSM's growth was due to the use of a digital system so that mengekploitasi allows for the development and use of algorithms and allows the use of digital Very Large Scale Intergration (VLSI). To reduce the cost and handled terminalnya, at the time this was to use GSM features Intelegent Network (network intellect). GSM is a mobile telecommunications system using a digital cellular system.
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